GK Saberwal Foundation
This foundation has been established to keep alive the morals and beliefs of G.K.Saberwal. She was a lady who believed in excellence. As a teacher, she always encouraged her students to excel in everything they did.

Today, even if she is not among us, we want to keep her zeal and enthusiasm alive by encouraging students to give in their best and perform to the fullest each day.

In order to achieve this, G.K.Saberwal Foundation will be awarding a monthly scholarship of Rs 500 each to one boy and one girl, from Class XI and XII, who secures highest marks both in History and English. This scholarship amount will be handed over to the concerned students every month by the school authorities.

Education is not filling a bucket but lighting a fire
                                            - William B. Yeats

This is what G.K.Saberwal also believed in. So, hope this scholarship lights a fire in every studentís heart and they strive to perform their best every day.